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To begin with, I hate politics and I hardly partake in political talks but I just had to write this piece. I sometimes wonder on the political ignorance of many Nigerians.

So I was talking to a friend the other day and he kept on praising Mr. Governor.. ” Him try for this state o, see new and dualized roads, beta beta buildings…” and stuffs like that. A thought occurred to me and I asked him ” But why did we vote for him in the first place? Was it not so he could do all these and even more for us?.” He became silent after that question..
The truth of the matter is that as Nigerians, we are so used to little or nothing been done for us by our political office holders that when little is done, we tend to exaggerate on our praises forgetting that the wealth of this nation can do a lot more in improving our standard of living than the current situation. I’m not saying we shouldn’t praise our leaders for a job well done, rather they should be praised if and only if they have done well to the capacity required of them.
This is just my view on the issue. Kindly drop your comments and views in the comment box below… Thank you

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finding your path in life

I used to think the phrase ‘find your path in life’ was pretty straight forward. You just chose a nice little road and walk on it wherever it takes you right?
Well, this has not been my experience and I’m sure there are others who feel that way. In my short life, I have already walked many paths and sometimes I wonder how I wound up where I am today. Then again, its also amazing to look back and see how all those paths are actually part of one road.
It is really amazing to see how day to day events in our life don’t change much but looking back, a lot has changed in our lives. Looking back at the rough images of our lives, it is easy to see how everything we’ve done and achieved led us to where we are and who we are today.
For those who are still struggling to discover who they are, then here is a few tips :
1. NOTICE DREAMS AND SIGNS: The subconscious has ways of letting you know if you’re heading in the right direction. Pay attention to the things that happen in your life, the people you meet and the places you are drawn to.
2. EXPRESS YOURSELF IN WHATEVER WAY YOU FIND ENJOYABLE: If you want to fully be yourself and find your path in life, creativity is not a luxury- you must carve time for it.
3.THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU USED TO LOVE: Our calling are very often things that we loved to be or do when we were young- before we were asked to ‘fit in’. What did you love to do? What were you curious about and how did you think?
4. NOTICE WHAT FEELS GOOD: We always enjoy what we do if its our true calling.
5. THEY KEEP COMING BACK: The things that are always true for you or won’t go away are really important in discovering yourself.
6. IF YOU’VE GOT A HUNCH, GIVE IT A TRY: Finding your true path in life isn’t passive. It won’t appear in a puff of smoke. It is only through trying out an activity that you’ll know whether its the thing for you.
7. FINALLY, BE PATIENT: Discovering yourself and your path in life will be a continual part of your journey. Be compassionate to yourself, knowing that where you are right now is the best place. Treat yourself and the world with patience.
Do you know yourself and your path in life? Time to find out….

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living in the moment

Robert louis stevenson once wrote ” if you aren’t living in the moment then you are either looking forward to uncertainty or looking back to pain and regret”….
Well, the big question is; can we just live in the moment? Is there anybody on face of these planet who doesn’t think of the future and make plans for it or is there anyone who has never been hurt or doesn’t have regrets over some of his/her actions? If such a person exist, then the above quote would be a perfect fit.
But we all look towards the future, at what we expect it to bring and hope dat It will be better than our present situations… History forms part of our past and reason for studying it is so we won’t make the same mistakes as some our predecessors did. Nonetheless, we are humans and we make mistakes, and we usually look back to those people or things that caused us pain and regret and we learn from them..
In my opinion, we cannot always live in the moment.. Sure, we have to try our outmost best to ensure dat our present very beautiful and worth remembering but we also have to look to the hopes of the future cos we need it to keep. Us going and we must also remember the past and learn from our mistakes…


The pleasure of the soul

Where is that sure faith
That burns up all phantom?
God answers “the seeker of pleasure in you is your enemy and My enemy.
‘Do not take My enemy and your enemy as a friend.’
When your pleasure seeking self is imprisoned, filled with trouble and pain, then your freedom arrives and gathers strength.
A thousand times you have proved that freedom comes to you out of toothache, headache and fear.
Why then are you chained to bodily comfort?
Why are you always occupied with tending the flesh?
Do not forget the end of that thread: unravel those bodily passions until you have attained eternal passion, and find freedom from the prison of darkness

In my opinion

My Beatrice

“But why can’t you be mine?” I asked her again. “I’m sorry but I’m with someone else, don’t be annoyed.” she replied me.

I have a crush on this girl for like forever. I have always observed her from afar till finally I was able to sum up the courage to ask her out. She told me that to be patient and wait for her to atleast get far in her studies. And wait I did. I kept in touch throughout the years. Though we weren’t dating I was faithful to my feelings for her. I didn’t ask any other lady out cos I was waiting for my special one.

After spending years abroad studying, she finally concluded her studies and came back home. I had been a nervous wreck weeks before her arrival. She was all I could think about. I made several arrangements for a befitting welcome back dinner. I made sure it was perfect cos that was the day I planned to propose to her. Everything went exactly as planned except the proposal part. She told me I was too late. She was already with another guy.
My story is the reenactment of Dante’s inferno. He watched  and admired her from afar but never had her to himself. She will probably never see my post just like Beatrice never got the letter Dante wrote from her in his journey through hell. No matter the place or condition Dante was, she was all he could think about. we will probably never end up together cos I am Dante and she is my Beatrice.

Behold, a deity stronger than I; who coming, shall rule over me


One story

​I believe that there is one story in the

world, and only

one. . . . Humans are

caught—in their lives,

in their thoughts, in

their hungers and ambitions, in their

avarice and cruelty,

and in their kindness

and generosity too—

in a net of good and

evil. . . . There is no other story. A man,

after he has brushed

off the dust and chips

of his life, will have

left only the hard,

clean questions: Was it good or was it evil?

Have I done well—or


In my opinion

Sorry to say…..But we are a stupid Nation

Borrowing from the words of zunni misri “All people are dead, except for the scholars. All scholars are asleep, except those who act on their knowledge. All those who act on their knowledge are at risk of being decieved, except those who have sincerity. And those who have sincerity are in perpetual danger in this world….” (Zunnun Misri). The above bolded phrase carries alot of weight with it. 

Jesus Christ of Nazareth came preaching the message of love and forgiveness yet most of his people rejected him. The simple reason in my opinion is that they weren’t ready for the change he was bringing to their way of life. Nonetheless, they accepted his message after his demise because the people then realised they needed it. Why am I bringing this reference. The reason is because anybody that thinks President Buhari can change this country single handedly is a fool. The reason he will fail is because as a people we are not ready for that change. We criticise the white man for looking down on us but we aren’t doing anything to counter their claims against us. As long as we celebrate mediocrity and not excellence, then we will continue to be in this shit hole. I am brutally honest and I have to say that yes, as a country we are stupid. in fact one of the worse. If all we care about is region, tribe, ethnicity and religious beliefs of other people, then we will never get it right. We so much bother ourselves with the religious and tribal attributes of a man that we forget the most important thing, which is what he/she can bring to the table in terms of developing our country. The Northerners seem to have a prejudice about people from the south and vice versa. 

We have so much abundant resources in our land but due to our division we don’t even know what to do with it. We therefore call upon the white men to help us explore it. They have been helping us to explore for a long time now yet we haven’t learned how to do it by ourselves. Now isn’t that stupid. 

We talk about our so called corrupt politicians but we still celebrate them. You know why? Because we love the drama and garbage they carry. And secretly, we all wanna be like them. This are some of the reasons I don’t find Trump’s words about blacks insulting, because most of the time he’s telling us the truth that we don’t wanna tell ourselves. We have to change our mindset before we can achieve any real success in this country. If we don’t, then there would be no difference between us and circus characters. Cos we are a joke.

The above written post is my view on this country. You can duly correct any error by commenting on the box below. Have a great weekend ahead

In my opinion

My opinion….. Your opinion…. It’s all about perception

sometime around June this year, I met a girl in my cds unit Dora. She posed a question to me? Is it ok for a person to marry his/her cousin in Islam? I told her yes. Her next response was that it wasn’t morally ok. we literarily spent the next two hours arguing about it. The point I maintained to her was that everything is about perception. Something being morally ok or not is subject to what a particular society think about it. For example, making out with your partner in public is a normal thing in the western world but the same act is frowned at here in Africa. So the society decides if Its normal or not. This argument extends to other parts of life, the concept of beauty, of fun, of intelligence etc are all subject to your perception of that issue. To some, the idea of fun is to drink boos and smoke weed while to others it is simply to just like lose themselves in their books. So when you pick one over the other, that’s just your perception of the subject matter, that doesn’t mean it is a general rule

In my opinion

“Obeying the Clarion’s call” Who are we actually serving?

As someone who loves to read quite a lot and atimes write, I have been awfully quiet for a long time. That can be attributed to certain circumstances which I wouldn’t delve into.

So, after the successful completion of undergraduate studies in Nigeria, the graduates are called up to serve their fatherland. I was quite excited when I got called up to serve in Ogun state-a state I fancied by the way-. I reported to the camp on the proposed date and events from them henceforth had led me to ask several questions. who are we actually serving and what is the gain the Federal government of Nigeria makes from all of these.

To start of with, about 80% of the otondos present in the orientation camp are Yoruba, and Ogun state is also a Yoruba speaking state. The question is what is the purpose of the scheme if roughly 70-80% of corp members decided to stay in their region. After the orientation programme, we were posted to our place of primary assignment. I was posted to a school and my preconceived notion about school settings was completely shattered upon seeing the school I was to “serve”. Most schools around that area rely on corp members heavily -that shouldn’t be the case-. 

The question I keep asking is, who are we actually serving? The government spends an average of 250,000 Naira on each corp member during his/her service year. What does the government gets in return for such massive expenditure? Is NYSC an investment? If so. then what does the government gains? By assigning most corp members to private schools and companies or firms, how is this favouring the government?

let’s be blunt and squash the idea of  Nysc been aimed at National unity and integration. That point does not hold water because most corp members lobby and are posted to their desired states, which most of the time is their state or a state from their geopolitical zone. The others unlucky to be posted to a non desired states immediately seek for redeployment or relocation. The few northerners I had the opportunity to come in contact with during orientation have relocated back to the north due to the fact that few northerners were posted to the state. This scenario is found in the northern and other southern parts of the country too.

In places of primary assignment, most corp members are forced to teach in schools who provide little to no proper educational materials. Some proprietors exploit the corp members by assigning to them several subjects.

What should be done about the poor state of things? Should the Nysc scheme be scrapped or should it be rebranded and repackaged? Should the majority of the corp members be sent to private sectors or should they be assigned to government institutions rather? How can the government get something in return from the scheme? should they open up farms and industries and post corp members there so that the corp members can actually contribute a lot towards the growth of the nation? 

The above written post is my humble opinion about the scheme. However, I want to hear other people’s views, contributions and be corrected if need be. Thank you


Valley Of Love


         I was going to tell you my
         but waves of pain drowned
                           my voice
         I tried to utter a word but my
         thoughts became fragile and
             shattered like glass
         Even the largest ship can capsize
            in the stormy sea of love
         let alone my my feeble boat which
         shattered to pieces leaving me
         but a strip of wood to hold on to
         small and helpless , rising to
           heaven on one wave of love
           and falling with the next
        I dont know if I am or I an not
        when I think I am, I find myself
        when I think I am not, I find
                    my value
        Like my thoughts, I die and rise
                           each day
              so how can I doubt the  
       Tired of hunting for love in the
        at last I surrender in the valley of
             love and become free

excerpt from Rumi: fihi ma fihi                      


why did I chose it? ep01


its been a really long time. Students like me will understand the wahala of studying in naija and that shall be my focus on the following series college trials. We shall talk about the various challenges faced by tertiary institution students in Nigeria.
This work is dedicated to a great friend who’s opinions I hold in high esteem… faith omale.

It was the summer of 2008. Joy woke up in the morning all smiles. she knew what day it was and for some reason she seems more optimistic about her chances this year. After failing to get the required score in JAMB the previous year, she was going to register again this year. As she went about her early morning chores, a heavy question lingered in her heart. What course should she apply for? She has been tormented by this question for a while. Her first choice is to study vetinary medicine. It has been a life long dream but which course should she go for as her second choice in case the first one didn’t work out? She remembered the conversation she had with her brother the previous evening and how he had made federal university of technology minna sound like a very interesting prospect. She could testify to that since he studied there. He suggested she take FUT minna as her second choice but she argued that they dont offer her desired course.

“Well maybe you can apply for biochemistry or microbiology. They are medically related courses. Besides those departments are situated in Bosso campus inside town. Its quite easier there”
He had suggested. She thought about it and decided maybe biochemistry will be a good backup option. The name sounded sweet, maybe the course will be too.

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on the problem of wanting

an exceptional article… I felt the need to share it with my friends

the love story project

For weeks I’ve wanted to write about all that’s happened in my life in 2015, but I couldn’t find a good way to get at it. I keep thinking back to a rainy Sunday night, about a year ago, when I met two friends for dinner. One was pregnant and doing interesting research for her PhD in linguistics. She and her husband were thinking about buying a condo or moving to a new, baby-friendly apartment. The other, a psychologist, I hadn’t seen since August, when she was in the midst of a messy break up with a not-at-all-nice guy. But by March she was living happily with her new boyfriend—a man who seemed unbelievably successful and kind and good for her. A man she met the day after her break up. She told us about helping to raise his two kids, and her summer plans to attend conferences and visit…

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Follow us go station


Police all over the world are most noted for their cruelty and melting out undeserved punishment to offenders. Nigerian police are not left out of this. They have a peculiar habit of making the innocent look guilty so they can have a scapegoat and hide their incompetence. They usually over exaggerate the magnitude of small offences while the real criminals are running large. Your offence might be quite small but on getting to the station, oh my, you are in deep trouble.
    An incident occurred very close to where i live a couple of months earlier. A police car was reversing on a double lane road which was suppose to go the opposite direction. The patrol car (as common in most parts of the country), was a black pick up van with a seat attached to the back. The patrol car reversed with speed and bumped into an on-coming motorcycle. The rider of the motorcycle fell down ( thank God no serious injuries) and the police officers came down and started raining abuses on him, asking him if he was aware that he just bumped into a police car. The poor fella couldn’t do much except stare and listen to them with apologetic eyes.
   A certain car was also on the road when the incident occurred. The young man riding the car came and started talking to the police men, blaming them for disobeying traffic rules without their sirens on (i wonder if the patrol car has one). The officers asked the man who interfered to follow them go station and file a complain or make a statement as a witness. Na dia d guy spark ” make i follow una go where?” The guy asked  ” so that una go turn the story around and deal with me ehn, i no dey go anywhere” he added.


  He was quite right, as if interfering wasn’t bad enough, his worst mistake would have been to follow them to the station. At least the next few hours wouldn’t be much fun for him. They are going to deal with him for most of the time he spent ” behind the counter” as they popularly call it. ( This is when you are arrested but not officially charged with any offence yet).
   I was watching the Ferguson incident that happened a few weeks ago, when a white police man shot an 18 year old black teenager and how that sparked protests throughout the state and other parts of U.S.A. I’m sure those sort of protests wont happen here ( we just don’t have the stomach for it.)

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Within people there is a longing and a desire such that, even if a thousand world were theirs to own, still they would find no rest or comfort. They try every trade and craft, studying astronomy, medicine and every other subject but they reach no completion, for they have not found their true desires. How can you find peace and rest in anything but the Beloved (GOD).
   All these desires and pursuits are like a ladder. The rungs of a ladder are not a place to make one’s home; they are for passing by. Fortunate are those who learn this. The long road becomes short for them and they do not waste their lives upon the steps.
   Someone asked ” The Mongols have seized properties by force, and from time to time they give this property back to us. This is a strange situation. Is it lawful to accept this properties?.
Rumi answered ” Whatever the Mongols seized and give up returns into the grasp and treasury of God. For example, when you fill a jug or a barrel from the river and carry it away, that becomes your property. So long as it is in the jug or barrel, nobody has the right to interfere. Whoever takes the jug without permission is guilty of theft. But once they pour the water back into the river, it passes out of ownership and is lawful for anyone to take once again.”
Someone asked ” When the mongols first came to this part they were naked and bare. They rode on bullocks and their weapons were made of wood. Now they are sleek and well fed.”
  Rumi said “ When they were desperate and weak and had no strength, God helped them and answered their prayers. Now they are so powerful and mighty, God is destroying them with the feeblest, so they will realize it was through God’s bounty and strength that they captured the world, not by their own force and power.”
Someone said ” The mongols also believe in the resurrection and say that there will be a judgement.”
Rumi replied “They lie, desiring to be accepted by Muslims. If they really believe in the resurrection , where is the evidence to prove it? The sins, wrongs and evils they commit are like snow and ice piled together as high as a mountain. When thoughts of resurrection comes to us, like the sun it melts those snow of sinfulness as the sun in the heaven melts anything hard. How can the summer sun come and leave the snow and ice of winter intact? seeing the snow and ice piled heap upon heap is proof that the sun has not shone upon them.”
Although GOD has promised that all good and evil will be rewarded justly on the last day, yet a sample of this comes to pass every moment and in every instant. If happiness enters into someone’s heart, it is his or her reward for making another happy. If they become sorrowful it is because they have brought sorrow to another. A fall from grace is the response of disobedience to GOD, and expansion of the heart is the reward of obedience. These are gifts from the other world and tokens of that day of rewards, so that by these little things we may come to understand those great matters.

Excerpts from rumi’s book

it is what it is.



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